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OG Kayak

Length: 263 cm
Width: 69 cm
Weight: 22,5 kg
Paddler weight: 65-110kg

Volume: 360 Litres

Gangsta Kayak

Length: 274 cm
Width: 68 cm
Weight: 22,5 kg
Paddler weight: 70-120kg

Volume: 360 Litres

Tuna Kayak

Length: 262 cm
Width: 68 cm
Weight: 21 kg
Paddler weight: 60-100 kg

Volume: 340 Litres

Tutea Kayak

Length: 250 cm
Width: 67 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Paddler weight: 50-85kg

Volume: 300 Litres

Stout Kayak

Length:  257 cm
Width: 67 cm
Weight: 21,5 kg
Paddler weight: 85 kg

Volume: 310 Litres

adidas Sickline 2017

1st place Sam Sutton (NZL) official GoPro winning run

Sam Sutton

Sam once claimed living on a boat and owning a lemon tree as his life goals. He may not have achieved exactly that, but Sam’s enthusiasm, endless supply of ideas, and willingness to work hard has allowed him to excel at everything he does. To make something better, you have to be willing to do something different. From his paddling to his approach to business and boat design, Sam finds ways to make something his own. His distinctive forward stroke may lull a few slalom paddlers into thinking he will be an easy beat, but it just goes to show there is more than one way to do anything. A three-time Adidas Sickline World Champion, Sam has made a name for himself on the water by being fast, smooth, consistent, and fearless. Never content with being the best, Sam teamed with Kenny Mutton to found Waka kayaks, where he is constantly in search of new ways to make what is already good even better.

Sam’s drive to innovate means he is constantly looking for how to improve Waka’s designs.


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